Heart Space Horsemanship Clinic

Heart Space 2 day groudwork and riding clinic


Facilitators: Jo Sheval and Kailie Nott


 Clinic Outline


  •  To gain a mutual understanding between horse and owner through greater emotional awareness of self.
  •  To create willing co-operation in the horse while still allowing the horse to express itself.
  •  To develop peaceful assertiveness in the owners with their horses
  •  To increase owner’s confidence in and use of their intuition around horses
  •  Increase horse and rider confidence when riding in a group
  •  To help horses be calm and peaceful with their handlers/riders in varied situations.


  •  Learn to practice horsemanship skills through meditation
  •  Become more aware of own emotions
  •  Learn ways to control and project emotions
  •  Learn to read horse’s emotions through watching and feeling (gut feeling/intuition)
  •  Practice being ‘grounded’ as an emotional example for the horse
  •  Learn to use body language, visualization and emotion to direct the horse

* Details of actual program and instruction not published online.


10.00 Welcome & Introduction

10.10   Personalities and Relationship (Jo)

11.00   Unmounted simulation – Grounded

11.15   Action Be your horse’s saviour

12.15   Lateral flexion from the ground. (Check emergency brakes for ridden exercises).

12.30   Lunch

1.15     Action – saddled. Non-riders bring led horses to yards to observe.

Be your horse’s saviour – Mounted

2.15     Tea break

2.30     Theory – emotions and emotional fitness

3.30     Simulations – emotions

4.00     Move your horse

4.30     Identify your horse by smell

5.00      Homework task

Debrief: Discuss day.


9.30     Brief review

9.35     Guided Meditation (K)

10.30   Applied meditation with horse

Tea break


11.00   Trail riding skills – ridden or led:

11.30   Homework review

11.35   Trail ride

12.30   Lunch

Review of trail ride – discussion, leading into-

1.15      drawing

2.00     Test your heart space

3.00     Working Equitation

3.45     Workshop Review: discussion.