Transformational Experiences through the way of the horse!

H.E. Programs

The Holistic Equitation team have developed a number of programs that we come together to teach plus we offer one on one coaching. Find out more about the team.

Jo, Kailie, Sande, Pam (New Zealand) and Susan (Denmark) work as equine professionals teaching a range of skills that include riding, problem solving, starting, psychology and relationship building to name a few. You can view the profiles below to see if one of us can help you and your horse.

We joined forces as we all have a similar under current of philosophy and spirituality, yet we are completely individual and run our own private equestrian businesses as well.

We are fortunate to have found each other as we have been able to bring together amazing ideas, principles and training skills and share them openly with each other.

Please see our program list under the menu to see what is on offer.

Our facilitators include:

Jo Cheval ~ Holistic Equitation

Jo is the founder of H.E. and has been breeding horses for 16 years and ran an equestrian training centre, Avalon Reign also for 16 years. Jo is a gifted intuit and teaches Equine Facilitated Learning and shows people how to read and manage energy with horses to improve relationship. Jo has published many online books and developed the Horse and Owner Personality Decoder as well as recently launching her Heart Space program with Kailie Nott which is a heart felt, intuitive program based around relationship.


Kailie Nott

Kailie is a co-founder of H.E. and is a horse and rider relationship professional. She is a veteran of many equestrian disciplines and has been teaching for over 30 years. She has impeccable time and feel and is passionate about teaching ethical riding and relationship integrity with horses.

Sande Cornelius ~ White Feather Healing

Sande has had an extensive international career, riding, training, competing and performing with horses. She is a gifted animal communicator and teaches horse, pet and owner relationship and offers healing and readings. Sande has also studied many healing modalities along with equine dentistry and barefoot trimming.


Pamela Thompson – Horsehelp New Zealand

Pam has had extensive experience competing at a high level of eventing and training horses in New Zealand. Pam has spent many years studying the art of horsemanship and now starts many horses under saddle in a soft, responsive feminine manner. Pam helps her clients in New Zealand develop better relationships with horses and  is also a barefoot trimmer


Susan Helany

Susan has worked extensively with horses in Denmark, teaching owners how to have a better relationship with their horses. She is also the Danish representative for the Horse and Owner Personality Decoder. Susan has impeccable integrity around horses and has an holistic view on the overall health, relationship and training of horses.