Transformational Experiences through the way of the horse!

Photo Reads with Sande

Photo Reads:   Email, text or send me a photo of your pet and I will do a read on your animals energy field and email you back a report.
It is a great way to find out what your animal is thinking or dealing with at any given point in time. Past life issues might be still active or related to a current situation that a healing or awareness of can bring about resolution. Or a path to assist them in resolving any problems that may be present. Sometimes they are just fine and have just got something to say about you or the environment they are in. Just a little understanding helps you help them or relieve some worry.

Cost: $50

Please contact Sande via email OR 0437957608

One on one consultations:  I can come to your home or where ever your horse or pet is and do a read and healing and connect you and your pets energy field. I allow about 2 hours for the session so that I can teach you how to understand and connect to your pet, so that you can at start communicating telepathically as well as participating in any healing that is required.

Cost: $150 for a 2 hour session

Extended visits: If you have a horse that needs a little extra help through an illness or injury and feel they need some intensive healing. Then bringing them to Yarck where there is safe resting place to bring your horse for recovery or rest. OR perhaps you want to treat your horse to a kind of day spa for horses, where there is healings, stretches and massage available as needed. Please contact Sande for details.   0437 957 608