Pamela Thompson

About Pam

After many years of wishing, I got my first horse at age 11.  He was a 16.2hh ex racehorse, so proved a bit of a challenging start to my equestrian career.  My father had said to me “There’s no point getting you a horse, as you will just get scared of it and give up like your sister did.” So of course I had to prove that wrong.

I spent my early years riding at pony club and competing at local events.  I worked with racehorses, as a stable hand at racing stables and also at stud farms.  This was where I was introduced to starting (breaking) young horses all be it in a very basic and traditional manner.  Although one trainer started his solely by “Joinup” after watching a Monty Roberts demonstration.  He did surprising well with that.

This kindled my interest , so I went and did some clinics with a local Monty Roberts Instructor, which started to open the door to the relationship that I had always sort but never achieved with my horses.  I later added some Parelli lessons and went to all the local Natural Horsemanship clinics.

The Paradigm shift in my training and my life came in 2010, when I signed up with Holistic Equitation do Jason’s ”train the trainer’s “ course.   Working with Jason, Jo and Kailie for the two years opened up a whole new pathway for training horses, achieving results far beyond any expectation I could have had.

Each horse that I have trained since then has trained me equally.  Everyone from the 2yr race horse colt to the 10yr old hack has honed my skills as I have taught them their new jobs, which they have all gone to successfully.

It is a privilege to be able to work with these wonderful beings and help teach them the skills to excel in our human world.  It’s an ever changing journey, in which I am privileged to be able to work with Jo and Kailie.

As well as starting young horses and retraining older ones, I also rehabilitate slow and retired racehorses, starting them off in new careers as pleasure horses which is very rewarding.


I start horses with the intention of producing a horse that is well balanced mentally, emotionally and physically, creating a solid foundation, for a happy relationship between horse and rider.

A horse that can think for itself but looks to its human partner for guidance, leadership and friendship.

I teach each horse with a mixture of round pen and online exercises.  They learn to problem solve and think before they react.  They yield and respond to the slightest aids, and are tuned in to their handler.

Each horse is treated as an individual, and exercises are developed that best suit the individual horse and the requirement s of the owner, to set the seeds for the beginning of the partnership.

I spend a lot of time teaching the horse how to balance under saddle, and carry the rider in a correct posture.  So that their muscles will strengthen and develop correctly, with further training.

I aim to produce a willing responsive partner that is a pleasure to be around.