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Photonic Therapy

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Photonic Therapy

Testimonial: Along with his extensive knowledge of photonics, animal access and bodytalk, Eric is also a certified dentist and has been an asset to our stud and training facility. His technique and understanding of the horse has left no doubt in our minds that he is the best dentist we have ever had work on our horses. ~ Jo and Jason McInnes

The McLaren Method

“As we know most of us can drive a car or truck, ride a motor cycle or even tow a float behind our four wheel drive. We can do this safely without trouble provided we follow the road rules and operate different vehicles within the guidelines as supplied in the manufactures manuals.
We can do this without the need to go to university for years and become a mechanical engineer!

Now, should we apply this thinking to the care and health maintenance of our animals, then why can’t we attend to our animals care without the need to become a vet?

Should you follow the manuals, methods & concepts of Photonic Therapy you should have a 98% success rate as I do! ”

Dr. Brian McLaren,

Q.D.A.H., B.V.Sc., CVA (IVAS), P/Grad Dip Acu., M.App.Sc.,
Member, Intl. Assoc. for the Study of Pain,
Member, Bioelectromagnetic Society

Victorian horse trainer & breeder, Eric Thomas has received extensive formal training & exclusive guidance from Dr. McLaren to become totally proficient in his methods and concepts of Photonic Therapy. Eric is also a certified and exceptional dentist working quietly and kindly with the horse.

Eric strongly believes that a secure relationship with a trusted vet is paramount for all responsible animal & horse owners.

However in these difficult times aren’t we all interested in saving money? As animal & horses owners we all can save much needed dollars by using Photonic Therapy.

Photonic Therapy, a scientifically advanced form of acupuncture using energy instead of needles, to stimulate recognised acupuncture points.
Photonic Therapy offers a safe, painless & effective method of health & care, which promotes healing and largely eliminates the need to suffer pain.

Eric Thomas has achieved positive results when attending to his clients horses with many conditions including, Colic, Stringhalt, Infertility, Itchy Skin, Tendon & Muscle Soreness.
When using Photonic Therapy we have the potential to greatly reduce healing time & return our animal to optimum health faster & without the need for expensive & unnecessary drugs!

Photonic Therapy, the McLaren Method.  Consulting, kits & training available.

Eric Thomas
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What is Photonic Therapy?  – SEE AUSTRALIA’S Highest ranking therapist Eric Thomas
Photonic Therapy is an Australian concept of complimentary medicine, based on research published in 1996 by Dr Brian McLaren. Photonic Therapy is applied neuro-physiology, that is, the scientific application of electro-biochemistry. Treatment consists of applying a particular frequency of light (safe, gentle red light, not laser) to specific points.

Dr Brian McLaren is a clinical scientist, a veterinary surgeon and the highest qualified acupuncturist in Australia, with postgraduate university qualifications both in veterinary and human acupuncture. He is a Fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association and a Member of the International Society for the Study of Pain. His Master’s Degree thesis scientifically explained what an acupuncture point is and how it came to be there and how acupuncture actually works. He is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy degree, with the University of Queensland, researching the treatment of Glaucoma by Photonic Therapy.

Brian has received accreditation, from the Federal Government, for the instruction of a series of approved qualifications. His instruction in, and granting of, these qualifications have allowed the establishment of a series of McLaren Photonic Therapy clinics throughout Australia.

PHOTONIC THERAPY is basically the scientific application of light, to particular areas of the skin of increased electrical conductivity, to produce particular physiological results.

We all have information about our environment, such as light intensity, temperature, or clothing touching the skin, flooding into the brain the whole time. The brain, has the ability to switch off and ignore these signals. It is the same with pain. If a condition goes on for more than four to six weeks, the brain learns to accept the problem.

The energy of light (photons) is transformed into electrical energy by the connective tissue under the skin. This electrical energy is transmitted to the brain by the nerves. Stimulating specific combinations of points on the skin, will cause the brain to release particular hormones and other chemicals to relieve pain, increase immune response, and promote healing.

McLaren Photonic Therapy utilizes broad band 660nm red light to provide the photons required to painlessly, and safely stimulate tissue. Visable light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum and ranges between 400-700nm. Wavelengths below 400nm (ultra violet) have high energy and do not penetrate deeply into tissue but can cause damage, such as melanomas. Above 700nm, in the infrared range there is less energy per photon, and longer treatment times are required.

McLaren Photonic Therapy has been successfully used to treat thousands of clinical cases in animals, painlessly, and without the risks associated with skin penetration. Also it is without the risks around the eyes, associated with the use of lasers. Because Photonic Therapy works so well on animals, it obviously does not rely on a psychosomatic, hypnotic, or placebo effect, but is a valid therapeutic modality.

Bacteria and other single cell organisms do not have a nervous system, but they have both a  form of memory and a sense of direction, due to electrical potential differences across their  cell membrane (wall). Sharks and fish use the electric fields around the body for prey  detection, and communication as do the platypus and echidnas. Snakes have infrared sensors  on their lips linked to the optic centre of their brains, while birds, higher mammals, and  humans, have well developed eyes to receive and interpret electromagnetic radiation    (visible  light).