Sande Cornelius

Sande Cornelius

Calling: Animal Healer/ Communicator

What does White Feather Healing Offer?

* Timeline Quantum Energy Shifting ( for all animals and people)

*Clearing energy blocks or attached entities

*Aiding in bringing resolution to past life unresolved issues

*Helping owners understand their pets needs and thoughts

*Horse Profile-(Life path -from their perspective)

*Creating an energetic balance between horse and owner (on ground & in saddle)

Goals and Ambitions:

* To teach and share with people the inner most messages and lessons, that animals have to give us, by offering healing and shifting of energies for balance of both animals and humans.

* Provide awareness and assistance to physical, emotional, mental life trauma’s of animals and humans. To aid in improving the animal/human relationships, where both have the opportunity to grow and contribute through their own purpose while evolving together on this planet.

* To create a space where healing, teaching and greater learning can occur to increase the vibration of a global morphic field of healing, and share this knowledge and love with all.

Dreams and Wishes: To raise the energetic vibration of each soul I meet and share the journey of true balance of joy, love and fun. With as much laughter as possible.


From eight years old when I got my first horse I knew I would be working with them for ever. We had a small farm with the usual country kids dream of lots of animals and lots of places to ride. We had cheeky cows, a pet sheep that insisted on getting her head stuck in the feed bucket, chickens, birds, oodles of dogs and puppies, oodles of cats and kittens. One cat named minx that used to sit on my brothers chest till he woke up and as he opened his eyes she would poke him in the eye gently as if to say gottcha now wake up. A pet fox named Rennie that used to dance around the cats while they were eating till they got sick of him and left their dinner, an adopted ferret that when we opened the car door to this little fellow sitting on the side of the road, he happily jumped in and sat on my knee quietly and came home with us to live. Then there was annie my possum that lost her mum and made good use of my jumper sleaves as a place to sleep, awkward when I was in the jumper too but I loved her anyway. So many more animals but most of my time was with the horses. My sister and I would sneak out after being told to go to bed with our pillows and doonas and climb on our horses backs putting the pillow on their wither to rest our heads and the doona over both us and our horse. We would wander around for hours no bridles or halters and the horses just continued grazing ignoring our chatter and laughter till we nearly dropped off to sleep, and they would gently snort to remind us that we should be in bed. With so many animals as best buddies its no wonder I have a great desire to continue serving them and help their owners enjoy this same space too.

This went on to teaching at a riding school when I was 10, taking ponies to kids birthday parties at 11, and riding track work on racehorses at 13. Pony clubs and team events. Then Glenormiston Uni studying Horse management, stud work with friesians, arabs, new forest, welsh, thoroughbreds, standardbreds and more. To Polo groom/ horse carer, Olympic Eventers groom, competeing in eventing showjumping and dressage. Spelling farm for thoroughbreds, trained as a horse dentist and bare foot trimmer. Intensive Horse care at a recovery farm, post op care and wound management. Riding in travelling horse show ‘Reins of Fire’ with the beautiful Andalusian stallion Mango star of the Wild Brumby and starred also in the movie Ned Kelly.

Dressage training and competing on friesian Stallions in the Netherlands for three years. Winning Reserve Champion at the Friesian National Dressage Championship in the Netherlands, (Medium level dressage). Winning regional team of four dressage and Placing 8th in the team of four National dressage championship.( The only team of friesians) up against the dutch warmbloods.

Riding in an opening display for the Spanish school from Vienna when they visited the Netherlands with their performing stallions. Back home more recently two of my favorite competitive mounts. Winning overall champion on Age B (friesian stallion) in level 3 HRCAV. Along with best performed combination at Doongala dressage event, and many other EA events. Several wins and places on my Dash up to level 2 Hrcav(riding pony cross rescued from the Knackery) one at the Top Team Trophy event at werribee. Riding and competing many other horses for other people, in showing and eventing. Starting under saddle friesians, new forrest, thoroughbreds, welsh, clydie crosses and so many more I cant remember them all. Broodmare and foal care, and yearling sale preparation.

Now I am on a journey of healing, energy work and teaching and sharing what I have learnt along the way. So much of which from leading equestrians I learnt more of what I don’t want to do than the other way round, but I believe that has lead me to this path. Horses have been an integral part of my life, work rest and play. It is the horse that turned me from a highly competitive path to more of a healing and energetic approach to the human horse relationship. In turn I am always the student accepting any offer to learn, that more often than not, comes from the horse or other animal. I have found great joy sharing this journey with like minded souls and look forward to sharing with the next horse, pet or person, who knows…. maybe that’s you!