Starting Ponies

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How young do I start a pony

This is a question that I am asked everywhere I go. It’s an important question. Unfortunately, there is no one set answer. I will have 2 questions for you:
1.What standard do you want the finished product to end up as?
2.Has a vet or knowledgeable horse person assessed your pony physically?
There are many variables that come into play when you are considering educating a pony regardless of the age. Some mentors of mine have worked a baby as young as three days old in the round pen. The lesson was simple, go left, go right and stop. It was done at the walk and the mother was right there.

What’s covered in the starting of your pony.

No stone is unturned when your pony comes to Avalon Reign. Jason personally takes your pony through all stages of the starting process. Jason will cover:

  • Balance before movement
  • Hindquarter control
  • Round yard skills
  • In – hand bridle skills
  • First saddling
  • Tying up
  • Bit and bridling
  • Feet preparation for shoeing or trimming
  • Preparation for rugging
  • Washing & hosing
  • Spooky objects
  • Trail rides
  • Lateral flexion
  • Rhythm
  • Straightness
  • Forwardness into the contact
  • Responsiveness from the legs

Your investment in your pony will be, not including feed $285 per week

Jason has packaged the starting process for your convenience. This process will take approx 6 weeks (30 sessions) depending on the pony and the rider’s ability. How you will benefit from your investment is:

  • 30 session between Jason and your equine friend
  • 2 changeover lessons with Jason before you collect your equine friend. Valued at $100

Jo has been breeding, imprinting and training ponies for over 10 years now with our daughter Jessica. We have first hand experience in training ponies to be quiet, safe and responsive.

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