Transformational Experiences through the way of the horse!

What you want from a trainer and what you want to avoid?


My method of educating horses is so effective because I educate the horse’s mind in a kind and progressive way, so the horse ultimately has a clear understanding of life in a human’s world. The benefits to you and your horse is a life long relationship through an open channel of communication developed from day one. That’s all that any horse or human is looking for.

Many people have problems with the horse and if one is to be truly truthful with oneself then they would realise that re-educating the horse is only part of the deal. Re-educating yourself is where the biggest changes are going to take place with your horse.

Education is a never ending journey that strengthens, builds character and confidence for both human and horse. Part of what we do here is help people understand their horse and the issues or troubles they maybe having. We also prepare people for what it means to take home a young started horse.

Whilst you want to ride your young horse like a 20 year old school master, it takes plenty of mental discipline, courage and confidence to show that depth of leadership to a green horse. So always think carefully about getting a young horse started for yourself.

It is hard to believe that in this day and age of information and technology that trainers are still using antiquated methods that are both cruel and dangerous to the horses’ wellbeing.

If a horse trainer truly understands the guiding principles of training the horse then they would never resort to punishment, hobbles, tie-downs or starvation as a method to get on top of the horse, and I say on top of not a partnership as you will never have a true partnership with intimidation in your training.

If you are looking for a trainer to work with your horse then there are a few things you might want to consider.

Ask  the trainer if they use hobbles or spider hobbles, ask them if they use a tie-up rail or post. Talk with them and assess if their dialogue is  in harmony with the horse or do they use words like punishment and other intimidating language. You want to send your horse to someone who understands the pyschology of the horse and knows how to motivate them.

Best of luck and be assured if your horse comes here for training it is