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Jo Sheval ~ Iskra

Building relationship through stillness and mindfulness

Jo ShevalJo has had an extensive history spanning over 3 decades in publishing, advertising, speaking, marketing, healing and equestrian pursuits. Jo started her first advertising business in 1989 at the age of 22, taking that business to a million dollar turn over in less than 5 years.

Raised in Sydney with a family farm at Forbes, Jo spent much of her time alone on the farm being with animals, horses and nature.

Venturing from Sydney to Alexandra in 1996, as an early tree changer to raise her family and pursue horses, Jo has spent her time in regional Victoria providing communication strategies for local businesses and governments whilst breeding and training Welsh B ponies and Warmbloods. Jo also co-run the Avalon Reign Training Centre in Yarck with her former husband.

Jo has a strong entrepreneurial and empathic spirit and has spent years studying with many world class, entrepreneurs and has been an avid long-term student of many subjects such as quantum physics, spiritual psychology, intuitive healing, nutrition, healing modalities, personalities,  human behaviour, animal communication, horse training, personal/self/professional development and inter-species communication.

Jo’s passion for understanding the complexities of human and animal/nature connected-ness is due to her highly sensitive and intuitive ability which shows itself in visions, dreams, premonitions and apparitions which started at the tender age of 6.

Jo ShevalAfter years of nagging her parents, Jo was given her first horse (Above) for Christmas in 1979 and her non-horsey parents gave her a bridle and a brush and that was it. So Jo spent years riding around the family farm bareback, not realizing that she was developing a very handy independent seat.

When Jo move to Alexandra in 1996 she sought out a trainer that would help her get back in the saddle after taking time out for career and family and she also wanted someone that would teach her more than just riding. The universe answered her call when she was introduced to Kailie Nott. A strong bond developed and the two have worked together on many horse related projects and clinics ever since.

Jo was very involved with the Parelli programs in the late 90s and attended many horsemanship clinics, Buck Brannanman clinics and was riding her beloved horse, Bonnie bare back and bridleless. However, she felt something was missing and these trainers never really connected with what Jo was really searching for.

It was upon reading Linda Kohanov’s books that she finally felt her prayers answered.  It was refreshing and exciting and a very feminine difference to everything or anyone else she had come across. It was during this time that Jo also became an Equine Facilitated Learning instructor with Franklin Levinson and Elaine Hughes through www.efl.net.au program.

Jo went on to teach Equine Facilitated Learning programs with Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre, disability centres and one on one lessons with adults and children.

Developing your relationship and skills with horses is a life long journey and Jo has continually invested in books, online courses, training programs and all things horsey and healing, seeking out the leaders that resonate the most with Jo’s philosophy and ethics.

Along with developing and running programs with Kailie, Jo and Kailie are currently studying the  Trust Technique with Shelley and James French and were honoured to host them in Seville at Jo’s farm for 5 days in February 2018. Jo and Kailie have found their work the most complementary and empowering to the Holistic Equitation programs.

Jo believes we are all connected through the unified field and this connection was continually validated throughout Jo’s horse breeding years when every single foal that was born had visited Jo in her dreams or in visions before their birth giving her details of their colour, markings, sex and sometimes what they wanted to be called. Oddly enough they were often accompanied by other archetypal animal energies such as elephants, lamas, cows and even prehistoric creatures. These archetypal energies often depicted the nature of these horses and ponies. Jo would sometimes illustrate the ponies before their births which always astounded Kailie when she would get to meet the foals in real life.

Jo ShevalJo has rescued many animals throughout her life (including Matilda the donkey and Kirra Roo above)  and is a registered wildlife foster carer and to this day believes some of her deepest and most reward relationships were with the baby kangaroos she raised.





Jo ShevalOver the years Jo has also published a number of equestrian books and publications online along with the Horse and Owner Personality Decoder.

Contact Jo Sheval-Iskra enquiry @holisticequitation.com.au or mobile 0478 7111 80

Jo has a history of business, healing, animal and equestrian studies – she looks for the connections between all of them.

• Love is Love • Leadership is Leadership no matter what we are doing.







Jo’s Commitment to ongoing study

Currently studying the Trust Technique with James French and Shelley Slingo

Previous Studies

Advanced Manifestation Program – Rick Jarrow
Adyashanti – Falling into Grace
Anodea Judith – Eastern Body, Western Mind
Body Talk Modules 1 & 2
Brett McFall – Leadership and Professional Speaking
Dale Beaumont – Leadership & Publishing
Demartini – Breakthrough Experience
Demartini – Leadership Program
Designing Your Destiny – Dr Joe Dispenza
Emotion Code – Dr Bradely Nelson
Equine Facilitated Learning – Cert I
Initiations by the elements – Carolyn Myss
Into the Matrix – Richard Bartlett
John Dwyer – How to Wow Marketing
Landmark Education – Personal Development
Linking Awareness – Animal Communication cert I
Making your Mind Matter – Dr Joe Dispenza
Advanced week long Meditation Retreat- Dr Joe Dispenza
Parelli Natural Horsemanshi, Level 1 & Level2
Photonic Therapy Cert i & ii
Super Fast Business – James Schramko
Swinburn University – App Development
The Matrix Energetics Experience – Richard Bartlet
Trust Technique – James French
Loral Langemeier – Cash Machine
Understanding Archetypes ~ Carolyn Myss
You were Born Rich – Bob Proctor
Your Energetic Being – understanding Chakras – Carolyn Myss
Certificate IV in training and Assessement
Sound Healing Academy – Practioner Course
mBit/mBraining – Certification

Jo below enjoying life with her animals and teaching.

Live simply, Love generously, Care deeply, Speak kindly


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45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia