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Jo has been involved with horses since the tender age of ten when all her dreams came true and she was given her first horse. After leaving school Jo ran a successful graphic design and marketing business whilst pursuing her love of horses, breeding and healing. Jo has experienced extensive trauma throughout her life and it is through her own dark night of the soul that she is able to now bring wisdom and insight to those on the healing journey. 

Jo has studied many modalities and spent decades learning from some of the best horseman/women in the world to develop her own style of healing and being with horses. Jo brings a unique gift of art, intuition and analytical mindset to the group. Jo’s primary gift is communicating a message. Jo is very multi-dimensional and reads energy fields of animals and humans and is a prolific dreamer, psychic and timeline traveller. Jo is an advanced energy healer which is something she volunteers to those in need. Jo has been an educational speaker and teacher at many conferences including the Cosmic Consciousness Conference. She is a mother, a wife and values all her relationships. She spent many years as an animal and wildlife rescuer and has been a prolific music and content creator developing many programs, writing books, articles, workshops and teaching tools to help make the world a better place for all sentient life.

Jo is a Qualified Equine Therapist, Graphic Designer, Neurographica Art therapy Specialist, Mindfulness Instructor, Sound Healer and EFT practitioner.

You can read more here: Jo Iskra

RADIO INTERVIEW BELOW WITH WA SPORTS FM – Talking horses with Jo Sheval Iskra

Emma Jephcott – Equine and Art Therapist.
Emma is a mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister and an aunty. Emma is a non-indigenous woman of country and a guide in assisted healing. Emma has lived experience with trauma and has a deep level of understanding the importance of providing a safe space for clients to explore healing. Emma utilizes the DBT framework of mindfulness, emotional regulation and interpersonal relationships to allow clients to gain insight into themselves and their journey forward. Emma is a qualified Mental Health Practitioner, an established artist and Equine Assisted Art Therapist. Emma is a qualified Neurographica Art Therapist and has also dabbled in sound healing. Emma has been working at Holistic Equitation since the beginning of 2022 and has developed an incredible rapport with the animals and clients.

I am Emilie. I am a mother, birthkeeper, early childhood educator, transpersonal art therapist, shamanic craftwoman, gardener and dance lover.

I provide education, mentorship, art therapy, workshops and services that reconnect women to their truth, creative expression, innate power and wisdom.
This helps women to feel confident and to self advocate for themselves.
The focus of my work is to guide you to find your sacred neutral space where peace and wise insights reside.

No matter what’s going on or arising I can provide a space where you can feel strong and in charge of your path.

I run Shamanic Drumming, women’s healing circles and Shamanic Drum making workshops.


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Kailie Nott ~ Kailie Nott works off site and has been a long term  clinic partner, instructor and teacher with Jo. Kailie is an ethical-horsemanship and riding tutor, specializing in humane horse-human interaction. Appealing to people wanting success through improving their equine relationships and finding their mutual inner and outer balance. Kailie has a highly developed intuition and with over 35 years of instruction and clinic experience and a dedication to improving the quality of life for horses, Kailie brings a wealth of knowledge to the team. Kailie is also an amazing artists and illustrator of horses and animals. Kailie is also a qualified Trust Technique practitioner.

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