Equine Healing Workshops


Wednesday 27th of March  2024 10-3 – Light Lunch Included $165 – Email Jo enquiry@holisticequitation.com.au

Hi my name is Andrea Bartrop.I live and work as a gardener in the Dandenong Ranges.I originally trained to be a zoology ecologist and love everything to do with plants animals and the environment.
I have always wanted to learn to weave particularly with everyday plants I find in gardens.I was fortunate to find a teacher and have been playing around with various forms of weaving since.
I would love to help get you started on your own weaving journey.I will be teaching you to make a simple little basket with a technique called “random weave”.The main aim will be to relax and have fun and if you go home with a basket as well,that will be a bonus 😁.
Looking forward to meeting you all.
Cheers Andrea





Equine Leadership, Empowerment and Healing Programs for Groups

Holistic Equitation has run courses with horses across multiple sectors which are tailored according to the audience and outcomes required.

We have taken our equine partners into Prisons, Disability Centres, Riding Clubs and have exhibited and spoken at Events around Australia, Norfolk Island and Thailand.

Our team have worked with children, teenagers, adults, corporates and people/kids on the spectrum and with disabilities.

We are available for private one on one tuition, offer in house respite and also run 1 & 2 day workshops.


Corporate Leadership Workshop

Our Corporate programs are designed to build leadership, increase intuition and strengthen teams. Horses will show up personality types, leadership skills and creative thinkers and is an ideal program to help broaden the skills of your team.

CALL JO on 0478 7111 80 to find out more.


Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre

Our work with Youth Justice Centres has been highly successful in helping the men find new skills, leadership, team building and inner calm. The 2 day workshops have been run with up to 20 men at a time.

CALL JO on 0478 7111 80 to find out more.


Working with the disabled

We have also taken the horses into multiple disability centres for one day therapy and art programs. The participants have found it highly engaging, soothing and the effects have been long lasting. The horses engage with empathy and offer a healing experience.


Please contact:
Jo Sheval for more details
0478 7111 80
45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia