Worawa Aboriginal School Program

Holistic Equitation was featured in Worawa’s school magazine in 2022 after delivering 3 terms of Equine and Art Therapy programs sponsored by Equestrian Australia and Sports Australia.

Tom Cronin – on meditation and your mind is a portal

TOM CRONIN There are numerous ways to meditate, including breath meditation, chakra-clearing meditation, visualisation meditation and guided meditations. Tom’s certified style of meditation uses primordial sounds or mantras known as Vedic Meditation. In the Vedic Meditation course, you will receive your own personal mantra or sound to repeat effortlessly inside your head for 20 minutes. Tom teaches this style of …

Jo’s Favourite International Speaker Interviews

Some Interesting Video Interviews Jo recorded   Tom Cronin – MEDITATION https://www.brighteon.com/38f62761-b2cc-442c-bde8-46b47a1dd5e3 Valerie Barrow – RIP https://www.brighteon.com/156de2bb-816a-408e-b84b-6131546a2b98 Adam Apollo https://www.brighteon.com/70f7af9f-267f-4f45-89c2-e211b13eac29    

Yandel’ora aboriginal Wisdom – interview

See Interview here: https://youtu.be/cFc5ZR3ob58?si=5kXoDEhRCBfGyN20 One of Jo’s passions was interviewing people from all of the world and creating interesting content. A seeker of truth and at times mildly controversial, after 15 years and hundreds of videos YouTube shut down the account in 2021 without warning or explanation. There are a few interview videos still circulating and this is one of …

Healing Music by Jo

JoJo Spark – music created to heal the soul and remind us of who we really are.

Virgin Australia Inflight Magazine Lists HE

Virgin Australia ran an article in their October 2019 edition about Equine Therapy and spoke to Jo from Holistic Equitation about offering up some of their programs and workshops. Jo was very pleased to offer the Mindfulness sessions and workshops.

Natural Horsemanship

Horsemanship and what it means to me. Being Natural with Horses! Horsemanship was born out of a desire to help humans to communicate with horses. There’s no science degree attached to the skills needed to become good with horses and I would go as far to say it’s not an Olympic discipline but it’s a foundation discipline. Being able to …

Interview with Jo

Interview with Jo Sheval Question: Jo, do you remember your first word. Answer: Yes, it was “Horse” – I also remember when my great grandmother died, I was 3, this was my first introduction to the concept of dying. I asked my parents “where do you go then when you die”, as the thought of completely disappearing didn’t make sense …

About the healing modalities Jo has trained in

Jo has spent 30 years working in corporate and running her own business. Jo has also studied many healing modalities in that time as well. Born with a hypersensitive intuitive and healing abilities, Jo has been helping people for many years with her healing, insights and mentoring. Jo has trained in Body Talk and Photonic Therapy along with Mindfulness Therapy, …