What is Neurographica®?

It is a method of creating mind and body connections through a combination of art and psychology. The word ‘Neurographica®’ comprises two words: neuron = “a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body, the basic unit of the nervous system”; and ‘graphics’= “the artistic use of pictures, shapes, and words”.

The author of this method is Dr. Pavel Piskarev, a Russian psychologist, architect, artist, and business coach, he had the name “Neurographica®” suddenly pop into his head on April 29, 2014 and now there are thousands of practitioners of psychology and lay people using this method to understand themselves better. Dr. Piskarev is  a Doctor of Psychology, professor and Head of the Institute of Psychology of Creativity, an author of many techniques, practices, and founder of four coaching schools. Neurographica® art is a simple way to work with the subconscious mind through drawing, To transform one’s stress and fear by drawing freeform lines and then later using a specific algorithm to transform the stress into a beautiful work of art and connection to ourselves.

Neurographica® is a transformative artistic tool for working with the unconscious through graphic drawing. By drawing Algorithms developed by Pavel Paskarev, PhD the author of Neurographica® you can destress, connect to your inner voice and develop your creativity. You will begin by drawing to remove your inner limitations which will begin the process of  you learning a lifelong tool to grow in your life and learn a process of self love.

The process of creating happens for us all and takes many forms and is very individual. Each drawing, using the Neurographica® methods are all unique and beautiful. There could be an Algorithm that is being demonstrated in a group setting and everyone is following along and drawing together. Not one drawing will be alike, but they will all be beautiful, and the message coming from the drawing will resonate to each individual person. You are connecting to unconscious self and only you will have the understanding and meaning of your drawing. It’s a beautiful experience.

Jo takes one on one sessions, group sessions and zoom sessions and has been a guest speaker and teacher of Neurographica at conferences and events.

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