Holistic Equitation


Experience the wisdom of horses and their ability to help you transform. Discover inner peace and an increased awareness of self in these 1 on 1 Mindfulness sessions with Jo who is a certified mBIT Coach.

Holistic Equitation


One-on-One therapy sessions with horses. Hang out with our beautiful horsey friends in a relaxed and healing environment. Learn, draw and be empowered by the Equine Energy.  8 years and over only.

Jo discusses Mindfulness & Healing Practices with Horses on Get A Life TV

Jo explains how she teaches emotional agility, mindfulness and healing with horses

Get A Life TV interviews Jo about Equine Therapy and healing with horses

Judith Lucy from the ABC, Wellness Warrior Segment, visits Holistic Equitation for a Mindfulness Session

We are a NON-RIDING Equestrian, Sound Healing and Art Therapy Centre. Our focus is on relationship, mindfulness, healing and honouring horses to build one's capacity in all areas of life. In turn this creates confidence, peacefulness, an expanded consciousness and a greater awareness of the intelligence that exists within and without. We are a very active centre so please contact us before visiting to arrange a time and session especially catered for you. Equine Therapy and Mindfulness sessions start at $85/hr





Equine Therapy

Over the years, Jo and her team of horses have worked with disability centres, co-ordinating programs with the carers to ensure all participants are cared for and nurtured throughout their experience.

It is hard to match the Therapy that horses so generously share with participants. Carers report in comparison to other activities, equine therapy has the longest lasting effect.

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Sound Healing with Horses

Come and experience a Horse-OM time with Jo, her sound healing instruments and her four legged equine healers.
Enjoy the amazing sound frequencies together with the grounding and healing environment of the horses. Sound healing works on the emotional, spiritual, physical, psychological, social and mental, to improve your health and well-being.
Sound healing therapy can improve many facets of your life, including emotional and social development, cognitive and motor functioning, plus psychological and mental health. It is a universal language that is intuitively understood by your mind, body and spirit.

To find out more about Sound Healing or Art Therapy with or without the horses please contact Jo



Mindful Horsemanship

New Mindful horsemanship programs for kids.

Jo offers one on one Mindfulness sessions with horses to help you reduce stress, become more peaceful and connected to self.
Jo is a certified mBIT Coach and has studied many healing modalities to bring her own style of helping people find balance and healing around her ever generous equine friends.

Jo’s centre offers NON-Riding experiences with horses for health, wellbeing and joy for all ages and abilities.


Namastneigh: My soul honours your soul. I honour the love, light, beauty, truth and kindness within you because it is also within me. In sharing these things there is no distance and no difference between us. we are the same. We are one.


Please email Jo at enquiry@holisticequitaiton.com.au for more details as programs have changed due to COVID-19

Live simply, love generously, care deeply, speak kindly.


Group Workshops

Jo has been teaching communication, leadership and empowerment programs across multiple sectors for many years. The timeless principles that Jo and her team teach can be applied to all walks of life.

Jo has worked with prisoners, people with disabilties, government agencies, corporate business, individuals, children and animals. Workshops are developed and tailored to suit. However, our principals and values remain the same.

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Hang out with Horses

Have you ever just wanted a horse fix?
Many people are just looking to connect with horses. At Holistic Equitation we give you the opportunity to simply hang out, brush them, feel them and learn how to feel safe. Jo will guide you through some of her horse whispering secrets to help you understand what motivates these beautiful prey animals. You can sit with them, draw, meditate, brush them or just enjoy learning more about these amazing animals in a safe environment at your own pace.

Jo’s centre offers NON-Riding experiences with horses for health, well-being and joy for all ages and abilities.

Jo spent many years co-running an equestrian centre in Yarck. Along with breeding and training horses, Jo spent a lot of time observing the behaviours and personalities of horses and people. Over a period of years she developed the "Horse and Owner Personality Decoder" Thousands of people across the globe use these charts to help them understand themselves and their horses which in turn strengthens their relationships.  




Horse Riding lessons and Horse Riding Clinics are only offered to people who have their own horses. One on one riding lessons are offered by Kailie who has over 30 years of instruction experience, her focus is on relationship, harmony and balance. Kailie can also assist with behavioural issues, float loading and riding challenges. Price depends on your location. You can ring Kailie direct on (03) 5797 3059



Relationship Riding Lessons

Holistic Equitation

Riding Lessons are available with Kailie if you own your own horse. Kailie is available for private lessons and will help you explore kinder, safer ways that will assist you in building strong and lasting foundations in all aspects of groundwork and riding.

Kailie spent 10 years studying classical dressage and was also introduced to the thinking behind natural horsemanship. This led Kailie to investigate the many different approaches to horse training which has since led her to combine classical, natural and mindfulness training methods together to develop a strong foundation in teaching people how to be safe, deal with problem behaviours and build sold foundations for riding.

Email: kailie@holisticequitation.com.au for more information.

Kailie has her patented bitless bridle, "The Gydle" a simple, extremely effective tool to help build the relationship with your horse.

Kailie has her own patented bitless bridle, "The Gydle" a simple, extremely effective tool to help build the relationship with your horse.

Visit: gydle.com.au


Canine behavioural therapy

Jo and Kailie have been working with mindfulness techniques and the effect it has on animals for over a decade. Both ladies are qualifying for their university diploma in Mindfulness for animals with James and Shelley French. They have worked in assisting dogs with issues such as fear aggression, anxiety and other behavioural problems to bring about permanent shifts and changes.

The sessions are calm, non invasive and can be carried on by you to help your pet find peace and calm.

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Over the years Jo and Kailie have been working on a series of equestrian artworks for their up and coming book. There are over 150 pieces of work in total. We have put some of our favourites on Red Bubble if you would like to make a purchase or just take a look, you can find our artwork here:

Take a look at Equestrian Artwork by Jo                Take a look at Equestrian Artwork by Kailie