Equine Therapy

Healing through the wisdom of horses

Experience Mindfulness Equine Therapy with Horses
Email: enquiry @holisticequitation.com.au  M: 0478 7111 80

Cost – 1 hour $90   2 hours  $180   NDIS/Govt Funded $90/hr

Jo  is a certified mBit coach and EFL instructor and has run many Equine Facilitated Learning and Equine Therapy workshops with youth justice centres, disability centres and individual one on ones.

Jo’s centre has a strong point of difference in that she honours the horse throughout each interaction as equally as the student/participant.

We are a NON-RIDING experience for people who do not own their own horse.

Jo teaches children/people of all ages and abilities how to be peaceful, create a relationship and communicate with horses.

Participants wanting to experience a journey of self discovery and natural horsemanship will firstly start with lessons on the ground. You will learn how to regulate your emotions to strengthen and build your own capacity and relationship with the horse.

Jo has a strong bond with each of her equine friends, and they work cooperatively and collaboratively, to  give you a rewarding experience.

You see, for our horse’s to remain at their best and give you their best, we must continue to regard them highly and equally. Over and over again, visitors to our centre comment on how peaceful our horses are. We can only share with others what is inside of us and if you are expecting to be healed or transformed in any way by a horse that is not regarded mindfully, then the experience will be limited.

Jo focuses on the big picture and the journey you will experience, working at this deeper level of awareness, consciousness and connection.

Jo’s aim is to provide a win/win for her horses and the client.

Jo has run specialized programs with Disability Centres, Corporates, Youth Justice Centres, Kids/teens and Individuals.

Programs have included:

  • Equine Therapy for Children/Teens on the spectrum
  • Mindfulness with horses to find peace and reduce stress
  • Three brain integration and coherence training.
  • Equine Therapy with women looking to improve their boundaries, leadership and assertiveness
  • Equine Empowerment and Leadership with Youth Justice
  • Equine Relationship and reflection with individuals
  • Tactile Learning and Art with Disability Centres
  • Equine Team Building with Corporates,
  • Kids and teens that want to learn how to have a relationship with a horse
  • Horse and Art Therapy classes combined
  • Adults just looking to hang out with horses and have fun

If you are interested in Equine Therapy programs be if for Individuals, Kids, Youth Justice, Corporate Leadership Programs, etc – Holistic Equitation has an experienced team of facilitators that can provide fun, informative, safe and educational programs that can be tailored to suit your requirements.


Lessons start at $90/hr  for one on one sessions and $90/hr per person, for NDIS/Govt Funded.

If you have 2 children that you are wanting to bring to our centre at the same time, parent/carer involvement is mandatory to ensure a fun and safe experience as these sessions are delivered by Jo on her own. Cost is $90/hr, $90/hr for NDIS qualifiers.

It is always important to manage the expectations of parents and the experience children will have here. Children are not allowed to ride the horses/ponies/donkey on their own and if their emotions are high or behaviours erratic the interaction with the animals will be limited for safety reasons.

We have other activities and modalities that are incorporated into the sessions for those with short attention spans.

We cater for adults, kids and teens and all levels of experience but prefer kids to be over 8 years of age to reap the full benefit.

Clothing and Attire: We recommend long pants, boots, long sleeve shirt and a hat. On warmer days it is also worth bringing your water bottle and sunscreen.

Wheel Chair Access: Due to the experiences being held on the farm and the location of our horse facilities – wheel chair access is limited.

To find out more about Equine Therapy sessions and the benefits these workshops can have on your group or organisation, please call Jo on 0478 7111 80 or email: enquiry@holisticequitation.com.au


Student Testimonial:

I have been mentored by Jo Iskra since February 2018. I have been interested in learning more about emotional awareness and sense of self through horses since the age of 13.
I am on the autism spectrum and have Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and animals have been a big passion of mine since a young age. Jo’s compassion and knowledge around emotions and connections between horses and humans helped me immensely in gaining more self awareness.
She was able to guide me through the eyes of the horse to help me reflect on myself. Our sessions were enjoyable, often followed by drawing my experiences afterwards. Incorporating art aided me in solidifying concepts I had learnt with the horse and Jo.
I am also very interested in becoming an animal assisted therapist myself; Jo’s guidance and tutelage has helped me to understand better the complexity of the human-animal connection and how to help other people through their issues.
I have learnt powerful strategies to help me navigate the world such as using meditation and mindfulness to be peaceful, which will be extremely useful for me as I transition into university this year. – Shadia   https://www.autismactually.com.au

Client Testimonial:

Dear Jo,

Just a few lines of feedback for the Equine Facilitated Learning Program.

Equine Facilitated Learning Program conducted at the Malmsbury Youth Justice Centre Oct 2012

This program conducted for the disengaged young men in custody, was again one of the most powerful  and moving experiences I have ever had the privilege to observe.

The clients were able to express their potential leadership qualities and explore their soft skills in a non-threatening way.

It was almost unbelievable to see some of these young men relax and be enthusiastic, gentle participants in all of the activities around the horses.

Over the two days they developed and learnt  horse-handling and communication skills they never thought would be possible, as well as became more connected with their peers and definitely improved their interpersonal skills.

They have not stopped talking about the  program since.

I believe this program goes along-way to helping these young offenders develop self-esteem and  ready them for re-connection with their community.

Thank you so much.

Cheers, Annette Hatherley



Please contact:
Jo Sheval ~ Iskra for more details
0478 7111 80
45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia