Animal Healing – Pillar of Peace

Pillar of Peace™

Jo has been working with horses and many other animals for most of her life.

Jo has many healing modalities under her belt and has studied many forms of Mindfulness for Animals, including the Trust Technique.

Training, healing and rehabilitating animals of all kinds has been a life long passion of Jo’s. She is a registered wildlife carer and has rescued and released all sorts of Australian Natives.

In our fast pace society, many animals, especially dogs are developing behavioural issues such as anxiety and fear aggression with people and other dogs.

The mindfulness work is known as the Pillar of Peace™  developed by Jo and Kailie.

It was developed over decades, taking in their experience in assisting animals processing trauma and releasing it which would bring about a permanent change in the animal.

The process is non-invasive and often requires multiple sessions to create a lasting change.

If your furry friend is exhibiting any type of behavioural or even physical issue, it is worth considering the work that we do to improve the quality of life and temperament of your animal.

Please contact:
Jo Sheval for more details
0478 7111 80
45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia