HE Guiding Principles

About Holistic Equitation

When Holistic Equitation was born, it was born out of the idea of “Holism” meaning all, entire, total. It’s the idea that all properties of a given system can’t be explained by its component alone. Instead the system as a whole determines in an important way how the parts behave.

The idea of “Holism” is the foundation of everything about Holistic Equitation including the management style of the organisation.

There is NO hierachy in Holistic Equitation, instead we operate as a nucleus, sharing and expanding upon each member’s talents, experience and passions.

There are no followers and there is not one leader, Holistic Equitation is made up of an eclectic mix of people who are all leaders in their own right, who offer tremendous value to HE.

The philosophy of HE is that everyone is responsible and nobody needs to be governed by another. People need to feel connected to others, yet people with strong ambitions and leadership qualities also want a high level of autonomy. HE offers this by it’s Matrix Foundation, HE attracts people sharing in a philosophy, coming together, yet being respected for who they are and what they bring to the table.

Our belief in this process will attract only those with leadership qualities who are able to work side by side in a respectful, honourable, trust worthy, authentic manner allowing each person to excel in their area of expertise without judgement or dominance.

Each member of HE is a valued member and is cherished for their input, their creativity and their individualism, HE is not about changing people, it’s about honouring people for who they are and offering support, guidance and educational opportunities as they arise.

HE has a set of guiding principles that each member is committed to and in joining the team of HE there is an acceptance, understanding and committment to the conduct of oneself according to those guiding principles.

The “Holistic Equitation” brand is owned and run by Jo Sheval and Kailie Nott.

This is not a system that attracts followers but a matrix which attracts leaders and visionaries (although some contributors may have systems that people follow, the matrix of leaders is not a system itself)

The guiding principles were created by Jo and Kailie who have worked together to build the philosophy around Holistic Equitation.

We measure ‘success’ by the way we touch, heal and inspire the lives of people and horses.

  • A clear and compelling vision, embodied within a sustainable business model, which fosters personal growth, the wellbeing and ethical training of horses.
  • Holistic Equitation creates a dynamic environment that is based on trust and brings out & celebrates the best in each individual, allows for teams and individuals to have a meaningful role, inspires a sense of pride, challenges individuals and liberates everyone to realize “true success.”
  • Positive, insightful communication that empowers individuals, team members, and students along the Holistic Equitation journey.
  • Providing Ethical Education that helps people become better and more knowledgeable with horses
  • People and Horses are treated in a way that does not compromise their dignity
  • Horses are acknowledge as intelligent, spiritual, sentient beings
  • Measurables that allow individuals to relate their contribution to the realization of the vision.
  • Treat people superbly and compensate them fairly.
  • Give more to others than they expect of you.
  • Respecting what nature provides and working with it – working with the laws of nature, rather than the rules of man.
  • Everyone who is part of Holistic Equitation is able to act as an autonomous person – to keep ownership of their Intellectual Property but have access to a recognised brand and a leadership matrix in marketing, business, personal development and horsemanship.
  • Leaders are called to be visionaries, coaches, mentors, teachers, and students.
  • As your sphere of influence grows, so grows your responsibility for stewardship of the Holistic Equitation Guiding Principles.

We are committed to our team’s, students and horses personal growth.

Please contact:
Jo Sheval for more details
0478 7111 80
45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia