About the healing modalities Jo has trained in

Jo has spent 30 years working in corporate and running her own business. Jo has also studied many healing modalities in that time as well.

Born with a hypersensitive intuitive and healing abilities, Jo has been helping people for many years with her healing, insights and mentoring.

Jo has trained in Body Talk and Photonic Therapy along with Mindfulness Therapy, Meditation and more.


The BodyTalk System

BodyTalk is a revolutionary healthcare system that utilizes state-of-the-art energy medicine to optimize the body’s internal communications. This, in turn, helps the body to operate more efficiently and effectively respond to injury and illnessBodyTalk Access was developed for the lay person or as a one-day introduction to the larger BodyTalk System. The five basic techniques (from Modules 1 & 2) learned in an Access class, when utilized as a group, can have a profound positive effect on basic household illnesses and injuries and even in first aid situations while emergency personnel are on their way. And when used in a weekly routine, these techniques can bolster the immune system and help maintain a balance of wellness. BodyTalk Access is proving to be a very successful set of techniques for the home or school or work settings.Jo was very fortunate to spend 5 days with Loesje completing the certificate course of module 1 & 2 of the BodyTalk System. Loesje travels the world working in International Zoo’s helping and communicating with animals, in her travels she is also teaching and healing people and animals with her amazing healing gifts. Loesje also spent a few days on our farm over the Christmas period.

About Loesje: Loesje (pronounced “Loosha”) is passionate about helping adults, children and animals! As a mother of two teen-age children, animal owner and animal professional, Loesje has always strived to provide the best for those under her care, and for clients who trust her to train and provide assistance for their animals.In 2001, Loesje discovered the BodyTalk System and knew it was the answer to her desire to provide a more effective level of care. Now a Certified AnimalTalk Instuctor, Certified BodyTalk Instructor, PaRama 1&2 & Adv BodyTalk Practitioner, she has focused 70% of her practice to teaching & facilitating the animal-human connection and uses BodyTalk to help alleviate trauma, pain, behavioural and health challenges in animals.”For many years, I was having a blast doing what I LOVED (groomer/trainer/educator), but little did I know that all these awesome animals were PATIENTLY teaching me. The full extent of what I’ve learned to date would be too long to list, but the animals’greatest gift to me, is the ability to perceive their thoughts, and experince with them what it is like to ‘be’ in the ‘Sacred Heart Space’. Animals often ask me to help, telling me they hurt, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and/or physically, often as a direct result of emotional, mental, spiritual, physical issues experienced by their companions (either animal or human).”I acquired the tools to assist them when I studied the BodyTalk System. I knew immediately that BodyTalk would meet the animals’ needs and complement their veterinary care, as well as other modalities. My personal journey with animals and energy medicine over the past seven years has been amazing, and I have been very honored to help improve the lives and well-being of both animals and their human companions. “

Loesje operates under the business name, Full Circle, reflecting her philosophy of the connection between people, animals, the environment and life. Loesje has over 20 year’s direct experience as an animal owner (horses, dogs. cats, and birds), is a Certified Groomer (dog and cats), Certified Dog Trainer and Advanced Animal Communicator. She has studied the Parelli System (natural horsemanship). Her range of experience includes animal education, dealing with animal illness, behavioral issues, and animals’ transition through death. Loesje has also worked with a number of Veterinarians as a consultant and provides valuable experience in assisting clients to embrace the value and potentials of Veterinary care as well as energy medicine.

The remainder of Loesje’s practice time is dedicated to children and adults and Loesje loves facilitating creative ways to involve animals:

“If a child is nervous about having a session, I’ll ask them to bring their animal friend along to help them. Children are immediately relaxed and I’ll have them assist me by working on their animal. It is fun, empowering and beautiful to watch.”

“Adults also benefit from bringing their animal companions with them to a BodyTalk session. Dogs & cats love to lie on the table with their human companions and help with the balancing session. Watching this process unfold as the animals help their companions is really inspiring!”

Examples / Case Studies (People and Animals) with Loesje Jacob CBP:
(Note: While these examples of BodyTalk sessions are remarkable in their effectiveness, not every client with a similar condition will experience the same “links”, duration of BodyTalk sessions, or achieve the same results).

Allergies to Dog

Ty a three year old boy, was very allergic to his canine companion “Elmer”, a Lhasa Apso. His parents tried several interventions to alleviate the allergy so they could keep Elmer but nothing worked (Elmer was spending more time at Grandma’s than at home). After four BodyTalk sessions with the boy, Elmer is now wrestling & sleeping with his companion.

Cribbing Horse

A Quarter Horse named P.J. had been Cribbing (wind sucking to alleviate stress) for over 10 years, after one session of BT, P.J. is no longer wearing a cribbing collar or Cribbing.

Dehydration & Paralysis (cat)

A one year old cat named George, was brought to a vet clinic to be euthanized because he refused to drink water & was ‘paralyzed’ in both front legs. Five days after his first BT session he regained mobility in his front legs. Six days after his second BT session he began to drink water & no longer needed to be hydrated via IV twice a day.

Transition/Cancer (dog)

A German Shepherd named Thor, with terminal cancer enjoyed a very noticeable decrease in discomfort & pain & was able to live his last two weeks more comfortably before he died.

Scar/Loss of Appetite/Depression (horse)

Midas had a very traumatic accident while turned out on the range, and was left with a large scar on one hind leg. For 21/2 years Midas was depressed, didn’t like working or playing, and was losing weight due to ‘lack of appetite’. After three BodyTalk sessions, Midas began to eat, regained weight and resumed playing and working again.


Dr Brian McLaren is a clinical scientist, a veterinary surgeon and the highest qualified acupuncturist in Australia, with postgraduate university qualifications both in veterinary and human acupuncture. He is a Fellow of the Australian Natural Therapists Association and a Member of the International Society for the Study of Pain. His Master’s Degree thesis scientifically explained what an acupuncture point is and how it came to be there and how acupuncture actually works. He is currently undertaking a Doctor of Philosophy degree, with the University of Queensland, researching the treatment of Glaucoma by Photonic Therapy.

Brian has received accreditation, from the Federal Government, for the instruction of a series of approved qualifications. His instruction in, and granting of, these qualifications have allowed the establishment of a series of McLaren Photonic Therapy clinics throughout Australia.

PHOTONIC THERAPY is basically the scientific application of light, to particular areas of the skin of increased electrical conductivity, to produce particular physiological results.We all have information about our environment, such as light intensity, temperature, or clothing touching the skin, flooding into the brain the whole time. The brain, has the ability to switch off and ignore these signals. It is the same with pain. If a condition goes on for more than four to six weeks, the brain learns to accept the problem.The energy of light (photons) is transformed into electrical energy by the connective tissue under the skin. This electrical energy is transmitted to the brain by the nerves. Stimulating specific combinations of points on the skin, will cause the brain to release particular hormones and other chemicals to relieve pain, increase immune response, and promote healing.

McLaren Photonic Therapy utilizes broad band 660nm red light to provide the photons required to painlessly, and safely stimulate tissue. Visable light is a small part of the electromagnetic spectrum and ranges between 400-700nm. Wavelengths below 400nm (ultra violet) have high energy and do not penetrate deeply into tissue but can cause damage, such as melanomas. Above 700nm, in the infrared range there is less energy per photon, and longer treatment times are required.

McLaren Photonic Therapy has been successfully used to treat thousands of clinical cases in animals, painlessly, and without the risks associated with skin penetration. Also it is without the risks around the eyes, associated with the use of lasers. Because Photonic Therapy works so well on animals, it obviously does not rely on a psychosomatic, hypnotic, or placebo effect, but is a valid therapeutic modality.


Bacteria and other single cell organisms do not have a nervous system, but they have both a form of memory and a sense of direction, due to electrical potential differences across their cell membrane (wall). Sharks and fish use the electric fields around the body for prey detection, and communication as do the platypus and echidnas. Snakes have infrared sensors on their lips linked to the optic centre of their brains, while birds, higher mammals, and humans, have well developed eyes to receive and interpret electromagnetic radiation (visible light).

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