Horse Therapy and Art for Kids

Horse Therapy

Horse therapy, horsemanship and art sessions for kids and teens.

Jo works with children/teens and kids on the spectrum helping them to learn mindfulness skills to understand and feel for the horse.

Jo allows the horses to be the teachers, helping children get in touch with their creative, intuitive side that is then expressed in art at the end of each horse session.

The sessions help children build leadership and empathy, developing a greater awareness of themselves and their environment.

Horses offer us more than just a ride, they offer insight to our souls, our emotions and physical well being.

Most people who take up an interest with horses quit within the first 2 years because what they never harnessed was the relationship, without which there is no trust or willingness from their equine partner.

Jo teaches children how to “feel” and “listen” to the imperceptible messages horses are sending us all the time, helping the horse feel heard and creating a deeper connection for both horse and owner.

Jo has had a long history breeding and training, but most of all in observing horse and human nature and behaviour.

This observation is what gave Jo the impetus to develop the Horse and Owner Personality Decoder along with many other tools. this alone has helped thousands of people across the globe develop stronger more meaningful relationships, simply by understanding themselves and their horses in a different way that takes away blame, guilt and frustration.

 Cost: $65 per hour – parents welcome to participate



Please contact:
Jo Sheval for more details
0478 7111 80
45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia