The healing Donkey

tn_2013-11-24 08.20.39-2I believe there is a healer in us all, but for some reason, some of us shine brighter than others when it comes to the healing arts. We are all born with the innate wisdom of how to heal ourselves, but over the centuries this has been programmed out of most of us through society beliefs and religious doctrine. Fortunately, most animals still know how to tap into that part of themselves. Matilda, our resident, and much loved donkey, is a sentient being that shines brightly as a natural healer, having maintained a strong ability to see and perceive life on a different level.

Matilda was rescued many years ago and at the time had very deformed hooves and it seemed as if she carried the world on her shoulders. With love and care and a herd of Welsh ponies to live with she soon started to make herself known.

Her loud braes could be heard a mile away, and replaced the rooster for our early morning wake up calls. Being quite the emotional girl, she would always let you know if something was out of sorts, like an equine escapee wandering out of their paddock. I’m sure the rest of the herd thought she was a right old dibber dobba!

Its Matilda’s highly tuned perception and need to communicate that makes her stand out from the rest and she didn’t wait too long to tell me what her purpose for being was. One day, whilst out walking through my field of ponies and donkey, I felt Matilda “tap in” and connect with me energetically and with her soft voice, whisper, “I’m a healer”. It’s not unusual for me to experience this type of thing as I’ve been talking and listening intuitively to my animals all my life, but I have to say, some messages are stronger than others and Matilda’s was very strong. From that point on I observed her to see how she interacted with other animals; it became obvious though, that her talent was with people; she was the archetypal wounded healer.

It is quite an amazing thing to watch when people first meet her. They instantly fall in love with her and just want to be in her presence. If they can cope, I will tell them she is a healer, if not, I just let the process take place. The innocent energy of children inspires her, she loves them and will let them climb all over her smiling all the while.

When Matilda interacts with someone she is generally be able to pick up where the energetic blocks are with that person. Sometimes people sit on the grass, other times they lay on a massage table, and she has also been involved with group therapy sessions at our intuitive clinic days.

It is interesting to observe that Matilda’s reactions with each person is different. The more emotional baggage they are holding onto the more demonstrative she becomes in wanting to shift it, or bring awareness to it.

When someone is lying on the healing table, she will put her nose on specific chakra or acupuncture points of the body to indicate where she is intuiting an issue.

When the person is sitting on the grass, she will often rest her head over the top of them and stamp her feet or go into complete trance, depending on the healing that is taking place.

It is a pleasure and an honour to watch Matilda when she is in the healing space. She will completely tune in to the person and it’s as if she wonders off to ancient galaxies. Her eyes roll back in her head and she seems to be in a meditative place holding space and healing for that person.

It is not an undesirable, dissociative state that some people, might interpret. I have rescued many horses and rehabilitated them out of this place and have had a lot of experience with animals, and in fact people, in dissociative states.

To watch Matilda is like watching a Buddhist monk in prayer; the energy is serene and healing. Her love for people is paramount and she does it selflessly.

Sometimes her messages can be less than subtle and this also depends on how much the person is ignoring something in their life. I had a friend stay with me for a few weeks who was having marital issues. He is quite an academic and extraordinary artists but his extremely high intellect gets in the way of listening to others, especially his wife. As much as Jo loves her friend of over 30 years, she would hate to live with him and could sympathize with his very patient wife. Jo suggested that he go and spend some time alone with Matilda, in the paddock. He laid down and within a millisecond she had nipped his ear with her teeth, enough to make the point but without hurting him. He got the message and has been working on being more of a listener in his relationship.

Matilda loves to love and loves to receive love.  She thoroughly enjoys the healing vibrations of the Tibetan singing bowls that we place on her back as our way of thanking her. If left to her own devices she would stand with one on her permanently, that’s how much she resonates with them.

Matilda is just one of the beautiful equines that Jo cares for and works with teaching her “Heart Space” program.

The “Heart Space” program is about healing and relationship. So much of what people are used to with horses is “ACTION”. This is very masculine and has nothing to do with “BEING”. Most people who take up an interest with horses quit within the first 2 years because what they never harnessed was the relationship, without which there is no trust or willingness from their equine partner. Jo and her team at Holistic Equitation teach people how to “feel” and “listen” to the imperceptible messages horses are sending us all the time, helping the horse feel heard and creating a deeper connection for both horse and owner.


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