Mindful Natural Horsemanship

Natural Horsemanship ~ Mindfully.

Jo works with kids and adults of all ages, teaching them natural horsemanship in a mindful and peaceful way.

The sessions help you build leadership and empathy, as well as developing a greater awareness of yourself, your capacity and your environment.

Horses offer you more than just a ride, they offer insight into your soul, your emotions and physical well-being. If you allow them, they will guide you and teach you to be the very best version of yourself.

Many people who take up an interest with horses quit within the first 2 years because they did not harness the relationship. Horses are big, powerful, prey animals and it is imperative that they trust us, so that they are willing and eager participants in all activities. No one likes being forced into to do something against their will, especially horses.

Jo will teach you natural horsemanship firstly on the ground and also how to “feel” and “listen” to the imperceptible messages horses are sending us all the time, helping the horse feel heard and creating a deeper connection for both you and the horse. Once you have mastered your emotions and have built up your ground skills there maybe the opportunity to mount the horse if the horse offers this to you, but until then, the end goal should be on the relationship not on riding.

Jo has a strong bond with each of her equine friends, and they work cooperatively and collaboratively, to  give you a rewarding experience.

You see, for Jo’s horse’s to remain at their best and give you their best, we must continue to regard them highly and equally. Over and over again, visitors to our centre comment on how peaceful Jo’s horses are. We can only share with others what is inside of us and if you are expecting to be transformed in any way by a horse that is not regarded mindfully, then the experience and learning will be limited.

Lessons can include art and other mindful learning strategies if that is of interest to your overall self-development or creative expression.

Jo focuses on the big picture and the journey you will experience working at this deeper level of awareness, consciousness and connection.

Jo has had a long history breeding and training, but most of all in observing horse and human nature and behaviour.

This observation is what gave Jo the impetus to develop the Horse and Owner Personality Decoder along with many other tools. This alone has helped thousands of people across the globe develop stronger more meaningful relationships, simply by understanding themselves and their horses in a different way that takes away blame, guilt and frustration.

 Lessons: Our lessons start at $85 per hour for one on one sessions.

Jo only has a small group of dedicated students at any one time .





Please contact:
Jo Sheval for more details
0478 7111 80
45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia