Mindfulness Sessions and Retreats

Mindfulness Sessions and Retreats – one on one or up to 8 people

Find the inner peace your body is seeking.

The preface of these sessions works on the universal law that life is responding to your inner call. It makes no judgements on your projections, it just responds to it perfectly.

That being the case, we look at what is working for you and against you. We review the bodies main energy centres and their stored subconscious beliefs.

Jo is an mBit/mBraining coach (Multiple Brain Integration Techniques). And helps align the bodies 3 brains for emotional, mental and physical well-being.

You will have the opportunity to work closely with the horses, learn horsemanship skills and enjoy the healing and wisdom they so generously offer you.

Horses are able to sense our limitations, inner capacity, blocked emotions and belief about self. They push on the strengths and weaknesses that are stored in each one of these centres, allowing you to now become a conscious observer of self.

The Immersion

One on One – 1 hour sessions $100  – 2 Hours $200

On the journey of self discovery you will begin to learn how to master repeated thoughts, emotions and situations that keep reoccurring in your life so that you can claim dominion over areas of your life that were once unconscious.

Becoming aware of our selves, our thoughts and emotions whilst working peacefully with horses teaches us how to still our minds, open our hearts and find inner peace. Peace will always soften a situation, it assists in healing emotional wounds and it will open up a space for a dialogue that otherwise would not be heard. Peace allows for an authentic flow of communication with self and others. When we communicate through peace it releases the tensions and disturbances in our field and allows the other person or animal to fully engaged without threat or defense.

This is why so many people end up feeling angry, unheard, defensive, resentful, sad, lonely and in repeated states of the same emotional frequencies with themselves and other people.

Each time we are faced with a challenge by someone else our first instinct is to start pointing fingers and to blame the other person. The other person may have been rude and or aggressive which makes it easy to blame them. When we delve deeper into the psychology of the body’s energy centres, without fail, we will find a program written many years ago that seeks out this situation. The faces and places may change but the emotional responses do not.

Our workplace is often the best learning field for growth and self-examination as most people are continually responding to the unconscious written programs that are dominating peoples lives, relationships and workplaces.

Our mindfulness program will take you on a self discovery journey that creates a new lens for you to view yourself through. You will discover insights into your relationships, health and finances or whatever it is you are seeking to improve.

The universe will continue to line up the exact person or situation that will trigger your program so that you have a chance to observe and ask yourself if you are done with it?

The more addicted we are to the program the more it is hard-wired in our brain like a super highway and as the saying go neurons that fire together, wire together.

If you would to learn how to master your thoughts, emotions and find more peace, contact Jo for more information on available dates.

Please contact:
Jo Sheval-Iskra for more details
0478 7111 80
45 Connors Lane, Seville VIC 3139, Australia


New research in the neuroscience field has now found that we have neurons not just in our “head” brain but also in our “heart” and “gut” and that decisions, memory and action are not decided just in our “head” but in all 3 brains. If we are not aligned in our decision-making and work predominately in one brain then we will be depleting and exhausting one of our brains, whilst neglecting and ignoring the other which often leads to physical, emotional and mental stress.

Jo has invested in equipment that will help measure your mind and heart coherence which helps us to reset our emotional and mental energy, shifting us into a balanced inner rhythm, so our spirit, heart, brain and nervous system operate in sync with optimal and increased efficiency.

Refer to this article for a more in depth understanding : https://www.dailyshoring.com/neurons-that-fire-together-wire-together/