Rapid Release Technology for Horses

New Rapid Release Technology for Horses

Jo also offers healing for horses and humans with the new Rapid Release Technology.

Rapid Release Therapy is a non-surgical, non-invasive and drug free solution for the treatment of soft tissue disorders.

RRT is safe, effective and fast, it treats animals for various soft tissue disorders.

The RRT is the only high frequency vibration therapy device that will reduce lameness, reduce
pain, increase ROM, and function by releasing scar tissue, adhesions and easing chronic and
acute muscle spasm. The RRT’s unique frequency and arc motion allow use as a daily
treatment, for pre-performance warm up or post performance recovery.

– Device for Pain Relief and Healing
– Patented High-Speed Vibrational Therapy (HVT)
– First Major Advancement in Vibrational Technology
– Uses Optimal Frequencies for Relief of Soft Tissue Problems
– Uniquely Effective for Treating Scar Tissue and Adhesions
– One modality for Multiple Applications and Uses.

Mechanism of Action: RRT PRO uses special frequencies at 170 Hz determined optimal for resonating with scar tissue. Scar tissue absorbs this energy at this resonant frequencies efficiently facilitating its dissolution. Scar Tissue is quickly and painlessly released and absorbed into the body. Frequencies between 100-200Hz have been determined to elicit the TVR (tonic vibration reflex), direct RRT high frequency treatments elicit the TVR uncoupling the complex agonist-antagonist coupling and guarding mechanism. The tissue turbulence, arc motion, unique frequency and TVR activation create multiple mechanisms of action resulting in significant pain relief and increase range of motion.

Indications: Rapid Release Therapy is helpful to reduce the pain associated with joint sprains, strains,arthritis, tendonitis, muscle spasm, desmitis, nerve pain and most musculoskeletal disorders.

Nearly all lameness disorders related to trauma, overuse, repetitive use or mechanical and hoof
dysfunction involve scar tissue and are successfully treated with RRT.

Contraindications: Although the RRT is indicated for all muscle, muscle spasm, joint, tendon, ligament and fascia disorders there are a few contraindications. The RRT should not be used within three inches of new joint hardware that has been surgically installed within the last 90 days, on the pregnant torso, on an area of known malignancy or fracture.


Modern Pain Relief & Range of Movement Restoration

Are you suffering from the effects of scar tissue adhesions, chronic pain, circulation issues?
Scar tissue forms in the body as a temporary mechanism for wounds caused from surgery, repetitive stress, trapped nerves.
Rapid Release Scar Tissue Therapy is focused on the relief of soft tissue problems that cause:

  • Carpal Tunnel
  • Arthritis
  • Headaches
  • Muscle Spasms
  • Trapped Nerves
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Knee Problems, Tennis Elbow, Back, Shoulder, ankle pain
  • Surgery Scars
  • Reduced Range of Movement

The treatment is available for both Humans and Animals and will improve range of movement and relieves pain.

Treatments last only about 10 to 15 minutes. The number of treatments depends on the severity of injury however major improvements should be seen within the first 2 treatments and most conditions are relieved within 5 treatments.

If you or anyone you know that might benefit from this therapy, please call to discuss. We have seen some amazing results with this treatment for so many different ailments. So let us see how we can help you.

Fast Lasting Painless Results
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RRT Produces Excellent Results On Competitive Jumping Horse.

The horse’s jumping performance suffered from chronic tight hind leg muscles and joints and possible suspensory pull. The horse was ready to be retired from competitive jumping due to this condition.

Pre- RRT application stretching :
The hind legs were stretched forward attempting to touch the rear hoofs to the back of the knees of the front legs. Each rear leg had a maximum stretch of aprox. 12 inches behind the front knee. This limited range of motion had always been a problem for this horse according to the trainer.

RRT was applied to both hips, buttocks and thighs (total application time = 10mins.)

Post RRT application stretching:
Immediately the previous stretches were duplicated and produced increases in flexibility allowing both hind leg hoofs to touch the back of the knees of the front legs.

The trainer reported the next day workout and performance improvements as “unbelievable.”

Michael G. Griffo D.C.


Endometriosis Treatment

Jessi shared some interesting comments about endometriosis on Facebook.

“I have a lot of scar tissue that’s built up on my uterus. Taking the same idea of using Rapid Release to break up scar tissue after an injury, or accident, I tried it on my abdomen. I noticed a huge difference with something, and noticed my body started functioning regularly. As a female, that is huge sigh of relief!”
– Jessi C.

Chest Restrictions

I wanted to let you know about a patient that was told by her medical doctor that her chest/lung pain was exercise/stress induced asthma. The symptoms started three years ago (she’s in her forties and had a baby four years ago). She also had pectoral muscle pain and has been suffering constantly for three years. Medicine was not helping, so I did the RRT on her pectoral muscles bilaterally, and she’s been pain free and her lungs have felt 100% ever since that one treatment over two weeks ago. She coughed a lot during that first treatment, but after her second treatment, she just did a couple of dry shallow coughs.


Arthroscopic Menisectomy

I was two-weeks post-op arthroscopic menisectomy and having limitations with terminal knee extension. I received a five-minute treatment to the right knee; I gained full knee extension and I have not experienced any pain or restrictions in the knee since. I bought the unit on the spot.

When I was at a follow-up appointment with my surgeon, Dr. Orr Limpisvasti, he commented how improved my patella mobility was. I informed him it was due to the RRT therapy. I have spoken with this surgeon subsequently, about all my success with the RRT to date. He practices in one of the most prestigious orthopedic groups in the world, Kerlan Jobe Orthopedic Clinic, he now uses RRT and we are currently conducting joint research projects, including modality-specific case studies and treatment plans using the RRT device.

Below are two of the many success stories I have chronicled from my patients…

I had a patient with a total hip replacement who was struggling to gain range of motion (ROM) at her hip, nothing we did seemed to help. By using RRT on her hip, quadriceps, gluteals and incision site, she has made great gains in her ROM. She is also walking better and tolerating sitting and standing for greater periods of time. Her hip moves much more freely, and has significantly improved ability to move about and get up from a sitting position. She feels the RRT has given her hope to be able to walk and stand without pain and with much improved function.

Another patient with chronic achilles tendinitis had struggled with this for many months; he tried many different treatments for this without success. RRT significantly decreased the swelling over his achilles, increased ROM and strength at his ankle, and the first few steps in the morning are no longer painful. He is a teacher who stands on his feet all day long, which he now tolerates much better.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Subject: Knee Rehabilitation – Patient: Denis C, 48 – Date of treatment: 11/1/2011

Denis had been enduring Left Knee issues for 32 years since a motorcycle accident when he was 16. He had a total of 3 surgeries including Le Maire to reconstruct the ACL. With wires and bolts still left in the knee, he has since had arthritis set in. He has tried Massage, Cold Laser, EMS, MFR and TENS without much success. During his one treatment with RRT, he said that he could feel the vibrations deep inside his knee and immediately after the treatment, the swelling went down. Days after treatment, his knee improved to the point where he could ride a bike hard for over an hour without pain. He is now up to four hours of bike riding and steadily increasing his strength and flexibilty. Rapid Release has greatly reduced his pain, increased his range of motion and positively affected his quality of life.

From: Dr. Suzanne Martin, MA, PT, DPT, CPI


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I have been using the unit intermittently over the past few months and am truly amazed by the results. My spasticity, tightness, and pain are much more tolerable. When they do flare up, they respond very well to an RRT treatment . My foot drop is pretty much gone. I also don’t clinch my fingers uncontrollably. With a little focus, I am able to open them completely!
Yasmin (MS Patient)

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