Workshops Kids and Teens

Mindfulness Activities with Horses – 2 hours          
$80 for the 2 hours
Holistic Equitation’s workshops include a range of activities such as art, sound, and interactions with the horses that work on children’s physical, mental and emotional well-being.
Mindfulness activities build resilience, intuition, leadership skills and enhance calmness.
Ideal for children looking to build internal confidence as well as developing a greater awareness for horses.


Mindful Horsemanship – 2 hours                                 
$80 for the 2 hours
Discover the true nature, sensitivity & intelligence of horses. Horses are sentient beings with a large range of emotions. We will teach you how to regard horses in a way that will give you deeper insight & understanding to these deeply enchanting beings. You will learn basic horse handling skills, personalities & develop an understanding of equine psychology. Ideal for children who love horses but are not confident or do not want to ride & for those who maybe looking at taking it up as a hobby or sport.

Calendar and Workshop Information

Mindful one-on-one – 1 hour        $75 per hour
Peaceful activities with the horse that bring inner calmness to both the horse and human.
We work on helping you find the present moment and observe the reactions in both yourself and the horse.

Grooming and Leading one-on-one – 1 hour     $75 per hour
These one on one sessions are very soothing and confident building for kids who love the idea of being around a horse but maybe timid, shy, or scared.
Many kids are just seeking the calming company of a horse. These sessions help children/teens learn how to relax, be safe and enjoy some basic handling and grooming with the horse.

Workshop Times:

Morning Sessions 10:30am to 12:30pm half hour for lunch bring your own lunch/drink
Afternoon Sessions 2:30pm to 4:30pm half hour for afternoon tea break, bring snack and drink
Twilight Sessions: 4pm – 6pm half hour break for dinner.


Wear boots/enclosed shoes, bring sun hat, sun screen and long shirt and long pants.
If weather is wet/cooler, bring rain gear.
Big smiles are essential.

Workshop Dates 2020

APRIL 2020
10th April – Mindfulness Activities with Horses – Morning
10th April – Mindful Horsemanship – Afternoon

MAY 2020
2nd May – Mindfulness Activities with Horses – Morning
2nd May – Mindful Horsemanship – Afternoon
(Can offer discount coupon if they book the whole day)

21st Sept – Mindfulness Activities with Horses
22nd Sept – Mindful Horsemanship

28th Sept – Mindfulness Activities with Horses
29th Sept- Mindful Horsemanship

1st October – Mindfulness Activities with Horses
2nd October – Mindful Horsemanship

Email Jo for further information or call on 0478 7111 80